Direct Fragrances is the Internet division of one of the largest wholesale fragrance companies in the United States.
We service over 12,000 retail stores nationwide. Our 47,000 square foot distribution facility maintains over 150,000 units of products. This allows us to process all orders within 24 hours.
We purchase our product from manufacturers and distributors within the U.S. in large quantities, and pass the savings directly to you, the retail store owner.

Direct Fragrances to Celebrate 15th Anniversary. (Press release 2/27/09)

Direct Fragrances was founded in March of 1994. Based in Miami, Florida, Direct began operations out of a tiny warehouse with five employees, Ariane Pennington, Diane Schneider, Christine Chio, Rene Marti, and Joe Adams. Scott Neuman, the majority owner, provided the inventory and financial capability to enable the company to immediately make an impact on the independent retail marketplace.
For several years, most large fragrance wholesalers considered the independent retailers as an afterthought. Direct Fragrances was designed to cater to the independent shopkeeper, who has to compete in an environment of big chain accounts.
Direct Fragrancesí telemarketing sales force is headed by Ariane Pennington, a detailed and service oriented individual with many years of customer service experience. Ariane stated, "I agreed to leave a very secure position with a stable company to take a chance with Direct, but I would only agree if Joe Adams and Scott Neuman gave me complete control over our ability to serve the independent marketplace. I wanted every aspect of the business custom built to satisfy my retail accounts. These customers deserved as much attention as the big chains, and there were no wholesalers doing it right at the time. We did it right."
From the beginning, Direct has always maintained excellent customer service. "I wanted the customer to know we genuinely appreciated their business," stated Joe Adams. "I really believe customer service is a lost art in business today; it's all about the quick sale. When you place a toll-free call to our company, you will never get a machine. You will be transferred to your sales representative, who is knowledgeable about your store. They are all individually trained to do what is best, long term, for our customers. Oh, and believe it or not, they actually say please and thank you."
While the sales department certainly has a "homespun" attitude, the machine that supports them and delivers the product to the retailer, is state of the art.
Christine Chio, Vice President of Operations, said, "Ariane's sales team is excellent, so we had to have systems in place to support them. We have updated every aspect of our information technology, from order entry, to order tracking; the information is there on one computer screen. We have over 3,800 items in stock, close to half a million individual pieces on the shelves, and 6,300 active accounts. We ship just over 35,000 boxes of fragrance annually, and still get orders out within 24 hours. I am very proud of that."
"Fast, Efficient, Nationwide, Delivery of Brand Name Fragrances" is not just a motto, but a promise. In March 2008, Direct Fragrances will celebrate its fourteenth anniversary. We look forward to servicing our customers over the next coming years.

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